beautiful interior design Quaker Home Remodeling announced a home cleaning service (maiditbeautiful) as a charitable fund for all homes sold this month.  They’re also working on older homes that are suffering from foundation repair damage. These homes are built by professional and yet affordable home builders and foundation repair contractors.  Many still have great insulation still in tact.The home cleaning service charity begins this month and will continue for the remainder of the year.  Families will  be selected based off income earnings as well as individual circumstances.

Keeping America Clean

The construction of new homes will begin in the northern part of Texas near Huntsville and eventually work its way down south closer to Houston and the Gulf Coascustom home in nice neighborhoodt area keeping America clean one house at a time (thgfiles).  Homes will be built no larger than 2000 square feet and will be fully furnished with basic furniture and all the necessities like a washer / dryer, refrigerator, microwave, dining table chairs etc.

Quaker Home Remodelers are excited to donate to the wonderful charities for the needy and will continue this tradition for as long as it remains a profitable company.  Quaker Homes Remodeling is an American Based company who specializes in custom homes as well as interior design.

Helping Houston with Foundation Repair One House At A Time

We noticed during our remodeling efforts for both new and pre-owned homes, there were times when we noticed visible hair line cracks throughout the home.  Some can be found on sheet rock, while at other times, we see them on outer brick walls or even inner room tiles.  These are typically early warnings for future foundation repairs waiting to happen.  Fortunately within our network of home builders and remodelers, we are fortunate enough to work with slab and crack repair experts at  During the repair of our homes, we make sure if any bricks or stone need replacing, we utilize a custom solution.  Typically, we use sturdy rock or synthetic form of rocks from companies such as Custom Rock who does industrial grade formliners for larger city projects.

Top Rated Home Foundation Repair Company For A Secure Trust In Your Home

With all the pre-owned homes that end up with foundation problems, its always good to know that there are foundation repair companies out there like East Houston Foundation Repair and (Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc) winning awards for its top rated foundation repair services.  It gives home owners confidence that if anything should happen to the slab of their homes, they can always place their trust in these Houston based companies.